Tips to Become a Freelance Science Writer

Is science your biggest passions? Do you like to write about science? Are you looking forward to a writing career as a freelance science writer? Everything is possible you know, and your dream can come true with just some effort, determination and ambition. Here are a few tips on how to start and develop a writing career as a freelance science writer.


Start a blog about science

Blogging has become a very handy and useful tool for aspiring writers, as it is a great way to begin one’s writing career. A blog gives the opportunity to the writer to “exercise” on the writer block and to have some exposure to readers on the internet. If you are thinking of developing a writing career as a freelance science writer, you should definitely start with a science blog. You could write about science from different perspectives – about important people from the scientific world, about discoverers and inventors, about news in the scientific field, about your favorite science topics.

Read other science blogs

Surely there are other people passionate about science and writing, so start making friends with other science bloggers. Read and follow science blogs. Do not hesitate to comment on other science blogs, and those bloggers will follow you in return, and they will post their comments on your blog as well. This way you will get a greater online expose among online readers, and most importantly – among those who share the same passion and interests with you.

Read science forums

The internet is the greatest source of information, so do not hesitate to use it at its full capacity. Search for science forums, and join online science communities to discuss science topics with other forumists. You could also promote your blog on science forums. Just make sure you respect and follow the rules each time.

Promote your science blog on social networks

Most probably you already have a Facebook account, so use your Facebook profile to promote your blog. Set up a Facebook link on your blog, and like each article you post on your blog, so that other Facebook users could see and like them too. Also, use other social networks for promoting your science writing, like Twitter, Digg, Stumbe Upon, and other social sites.

Start writing outside your blog

Now it’s time to move on. Your blog was a writing exercise, but what you need now is to progress. Start posting articles on writing websites. Some of them do not require any testing, as they function on a sign-in and write basis. It is an easy way to get more exposure on the internet. Many writing visit site are structured by categories, so stick to the science categories. It might not be a good idea to make a scramble of articles on different topics, even though sometimes you are tempted to. You want to be a freelance science writer, so write science and focus on what you have to do. Once you’ve gained more experience and confidence as a science writer, apply for even better writing jobs. It is time to make money out of your writing, so apply for writing positions. Submit your articles to science magazines, both online and print. Do not miss any opportunity that comes along.

Just remember – prove determination, ambition, perseverance, patience, and success will come.