• Six Steps to Creating Shareable Content

    Building your brand in social media is important. For some reason, the number of page likes, interactions and shares seems to translate to a more reputable brand. But why? Well Social Media Today points to a list of traits that can promote shareability, which spans from humor and celebrity factor to unexpectedness and triggers. Dan […]

  • 7 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

    As the month of February approaches, business is back into the groove. There are no more excuses for vacation lag from the holidays. Sales are picking up again, but are your employees staying motivated? Employees who are satisfied with their company are bound to be more productive, motivated and stay with the company longer. Printing […]

  • Using Social Media to “Flip the Funnel”

    In the book “Flipping the Funnel,” author Seth Godin offers a unique approach to sales and marketing. He pushes companies to utilize their customers as members of their sales force. How? Using social media. The goal of “flip the funnel” is to encourage your customers to share and advocate their experiences with your brand. Below […]

  • 3 Rules of Sales Execution

    According to the Sales and Marketing Management website, sales people are struggling. The facts they shared about sales people show that there may be a disconnect in sales execution. 60%1 of the buyer’s purchase decision is complete before sales teams interactive with a prospect 58%1 of pipeline ends up in “no decision “or stalled 59%2 of sales rep […]

  • Content Marketing that your Clients can Trust

    Content Marketing [definition according to contentmarketinginstitute.com]: a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. How do you attract customers and build an audience that comes back for more? You develop trust. […]

  • 18th Annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge – Saturday January 25th

    The 18th Annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge is on Saturday, January 25th and one of CPS Gumpert’s own is rising to the challenge. Gavin McMorris is jumping into the Chesapeake Bay to support Special Olympics Maryland athletes. Not only will he be supporting our client in a bold way, but he earns bragging rights. Before […]

  • Simplicity is In (Finally): Three Interactive Trends for 2014

    If there is one thing that is making a big comeback for websites and interactive media in 2014, it is simplicity. Finally! Have more to say than a 140 character tweet? Trying to figure out how to “engage” with customers on Facebook? Still not sure what Pinterest is or how it works? Overwhelmed by websites […]

  • Five Unwritten Twitter for Business Rules

    In 2014, we vow to get better at something. Here at CPS Gumpert, we are aiming to improve our social media. Twitter is one of the fastest platforms for sharing content online, but often times because of the ease of “Tweeting,” people forget the potential ramifications of their comments. Below are some tips on how […]

  • Don’t merely set Goals this year: Instead set SMART Goals for 2014

    Happy New Year. Well, it is the beginning of a new year and we are all setting the goals we desire to achieve in 2014. So there is no better time than now to remind or share with you the best type of goal to set. It is referred to as a SMART goal. The […]

  • Five Characteristics of Great Marketing

    All companies are looking to the discipline of marketing, for help in curing their organizational woes. With that said, excellence in marketing is more important than ever. Thus, the top marketing professionals, in all types of organizations, share common characteristics. Today, we will visit these characteristics. As it is always easier to remember an odd […]