Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly can I get an estimate on my book project?
A. Normally we process estimate requests within 24 hours.

Q. Do I need to order a certain number of pieces?
A. NO minimum…NO maximum.

Q. What are United Book Press’s billing terms?
A. Customers meeting our credit criteria qualify for regular terms of 2% 10 NET 30.

Q. How do I prepare my files for United’s Pre-Press?
A. Click here for our “Pre-Press Requirements” in an easy to read form.

Q. How do I open an account with United Book Press?
A. Click on “Open An Account” and follow the instructions outlined.

Q. Can I see my book being printed?
A. All customers are welcome to visit our plant before or during production.

Q. How long after United Book Press receives my art files will I see proofs?
A. Provided there are no unforeseen complications, we are most often able to send proofs in 2 to 3 days after receipt of your file.

Q. What type of proofs will I get?
A. Digital proofs are used for position & a preview of color content. Epson contract color proofs are used for higher quality and color match.

Q. What are typical turnaround timest?
A. 2 weeks for paperback, 3 weeks for mechanical binding, 4 weeks for case bound/hard cover.


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