Environmental Stewardship Program

Since 1990 United Book Press has been committed to servicing associations, publishers, state and government agencies with its complete book manufacturing capabilities. We have been equally committed to operating our manufacturing processes in an environmentally friendly manner with regard to chemical usage, raw material usage and waste management programs to insure that we are and always have been environmentally compliant.

United Book Press has become a strong link in the chain starting with forestry management through the conversion of certified materials; this allows us to continue to do our part to comply with earth-friendly programs that will benefit our customers, employees and future generations.


  • Maryland Green Registry member, helping build a smarter, greener, more sustainable Maryland.
  • The Unisource Worldwide respect Printer Program, supporting vendors who share our environmental goals.
  • Signed the Green Press Initiatives “Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing” setting attainable and measurable goals for improving the social and ecological footprint of the book industry.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified, strengthening our link in the chain of custody for certified sustainable material for our customers (BV -COC-070702).
  • Printing presses run IPA – isopropyl alcohol – free.
  • Pre-Press chemicals are purchased through Fuji Film, a name synonymous with environmentally friendly practices.
  • The Pressroom uses Flint Group Forms ink, which utilize soy oil due to its environmentally friendly nature. It also contains from 20% to over 40% vegetable oil or a vegetable oil derivative.  The utilization of replenishable vegetable oil combined with the low VOC nature of Flint Group inks meets both our performance demands and environmental responsibility.
  • Our soft cover bindery runs cool bind glue, eliminating the VOCs of traditional hot melt glue. It also melts 100 degrees lower, making our work environment safer.
  • Our case bindery uses 100% recyclable protein-based glue for the compact line.
    All paper and board used is ECF or TCF – Elementally or Totally Chlorine Free – the kindest way to bleach pulp.

Reduce and Recycle Waste

  • We actively encourage and promote the use of FSC® Certified Paper, or paper containing an element of recycled fiber.
  • We recycle our unavoidable pre-production waste of paper and chemicals.
  • We segregate, reuse and recycle the waste unavoidably produced in our production processes and continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste.
  • Silver, film and spent aluminum printing plates are collected for recycling, as are spent chemicals.
  • We have reusable shop towels to reduce waste.
  • Our direct-to-plate process removes the need for film and use of chemicals to develop film, helping reduce film and chemical waste.
  • Leftover ink is minimized by just-in-time ordering of custom color and metallic inks. Licensed waste handlers recycle dried waste ink.
  • Waste is segregated and collected for recycling by licensed contractors.
  • Independent auditors assess us regularly for FSC® to ensure we are doing everything as we should and continue to improve.

Energy Consumption

  • Equipment is chosen for efficiency that allows for faster setup and running speeds.
  • All pre-press, press and bindery equipment is regularly maintained to run at optimal efficiency.
  • Our plant has been upgraded with low wattage lighting and reflective shields to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a well-lit work environment.
  • The office uses multi-function network printers in lieu of individual printers.
  • Heat generated by our air compressors is routed into the pressroom through ducts to help reduce the need for heaters.

Green Office

  • We reuse pressroom waste by cutting it down for labels and office paper.
  • We recycle printed office paper.
  • Toner cartridges are reloaded and reused.
  • Electrical equipment is recycled responsibly with a third party company.
  • We recycle all fluorescent bulbs.
  • All photocopiers are Energy Star rated.
  • A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

    - Neil Gaiman
  • ...providing a market for wood...gives forest owners an incentive to keep land as forest as opposed to converting it to other uses that provide few or no watershed or carbon benefits. - The World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • 65.1 percent of all paper in the U.S. is currently recycled. - printgrowstrees.org

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