What Is the Best Creative Writer Job for You?

Determine what you want to write

When developing a freelance writing career, a writer should consider every possibility and opportunity that come along, and choose the option within the writing field that suits them the best. There are many opportunities of creative writer jobs for freelance writers out there, and one thing you have to do in order to pursue a successful writing career is to determine in which writing field you are the best, where your talent and graceful writing skills could be maximized at their full potential.

There are many types of creative writer jobs, and this article will focus on describing and analyzing some of them.

Types of creative writer jobs

Article writing. This type of creative writer job is quite accessible to beginner writers. If you are at the beginning of your writing career, if you face the challenges of entering the beautiful world of freelance writing, article writing is a good way to help you get started, as well as help you acquire the necessary writing experience and exposure to readers. Article writing may be of different types – writing form the first person point of view, writing from the third person point of view, writing from your own experience, writing about events you witness. Research is very important for article writing, as you base your writing on information that would interest your readers and answer their questions. You could embrace writing articles on a specific theme, or on a wide variety of themes, depending on the creative writer job description you apply for. Nowadays, there is a very large number of websites offering article writing job opportunities.

Travel writing. Some people love to travel and to write, so such a creative writer job is a great opportunity for them to give life to both of their passions – traveling and writing. Many lifestyle magazines and publications feature traveling columns, so this is the perfect creative writing job for those who want to share their traveling experiences with the world.

Book writing. This is quite a challenging creative writer job, that will require all of your talent and effort. If you are able to build a captivating plot that will keep the reader chained to your book up to the last page, then book writing is for you. You can write fiction or non-fiction books, for children or for adults. As a book writer, you have to successfully go through the three important stages – writing, publishing, selling. Once you’ve written a book, it is important you find a publisher willing to take a chance and invest in you as a potential successful writer, because “writing with no publishing” does not make one a writer. Furthermore, once you’ve https://ourwriters.co.uk published a book, it is important you sell it, so that your writing can reach out to the readers, and not get forgotten on the shelves of a bookstore. So book writing does not involve mere writing only, but also promoting and marketing. And who knows, maybe you’re the next Paulo Coelho.

Script writing is a creative writer job for those who are able to make the readers “see” their writing, to make the readers envision the plot, either it is a movie, theater play or television show. This is a perfect job for those who believe in visual narration and have the right skills and talent to make it happen.

Copy writing is also a part of creative writer jobs, as copy writers have to write brochures and marketing and advertising materials. If you have the ability to convince people by the means of the written word, then copy writing job is perfect for you.

Legacy writing is for those writers who are able to touch people’s emotions with their writing. Many times, a legacy writer will write biographies of important people.

So, at the end of the day, a writer should determine what creative writer job is the best for him or her, and get started!